Initial consultation

On arrival you should be able to find parking on our driveway at the front of the clinic. Please then come straight through into the clinic and you will find reception on your first left, where you will be greeted by one of the lovely chiropractic assistants. On the first visit to the clinic you will be given some forms to complete before you see the chiropractor. During the initial consultation your chiropractor will take your case history including any medical details. You will have a physical examination, where you will be asked to change into one of the gowns provided. The chiropractor will report and explain the findings then start treatment if appropriate.


The treatment that you require will depend on the problem that you are experiencing.
Treatment may involve specific manipulation of problem areas, to improve function and decrease pain. Your chiropractor may also use massage, ice, myofascial, dry needling, stretching techniques and home exercise as part of your treatment.
Your progress will be assessed each visit to decide the optimal time between treatments.